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The recycling company was established in 1903 when Israel Smith along with Wichita/Denver Railroad opened a scrap operations next to a chicken processing plant. Tin, iron, rags and animal bones were recycled and shipped via the railroad. The recycling business continued to prosper and eventually Mr. Smith took over the railroad depot at 700 South Main, Hutchinson, Kansas and acquired a partner, Mr. Louis Gordon. Together they served the local community by collecting and recycling all type of metals, glass, rubber, bones and rags.

The company name, Midwest Iron & Metal Co., was established in 1927 when Mr. Gordon became the sole owner.

During World War 2, Midwest Iron & Metal Co. became a major collection center for metals. So much metal was collected that they were forced to pile it in the middle of Main Street as Mr. Gordon tried to keep up with the processing and shipping to the steel mills.

In 1952, Mr Ron Galler and his partner I.J. Cohen Company purchased the company from Mr. Gordon. Mr Galler moved himself and his family to Hutchinson and modernized the company.

In 1970, Mr Galler became the sole owner. Under Mr. Galler's guidance and business abilities, Midwest Iron & Metal Co., Inc. continued to expand and prosper. In the years following his proprietorship, he purchased additional land outside of Hutchinson and installed a 2000 horsepower shredder. In addition to purchasing a competing scrap yard located across the street called, Hutchinson Iron & Metal, he also had recycling operations in Salina, McPherson and Wichita, Kansas.

In 1998 Mr. Ron Galler unexpectedly passed away and Mrs. Charlotte Galler became the CEO of Midwest Iron & Metal Co., Inc. In 2000, Mrs. Galler hired Mr. Roger Crispin as the president and along with a loyal work force they have modernized and successfully combined all divisions into one cohesive unit.

Today, Midwest Iron & Metal Co., Inc. operates out of Hutchinson Kansas, but continues to serve an industrial base of over 100 companies around Kansas. Mrs. Galler continues to re-invest the profits back into the company and employees.

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